Club 17 Regulations

To ensure a hospitable and social environment for the use and enjoyment of all Post 17 members and their guests, the following have been approved by membership vote on:  

October 7, 2009

They are effective as of that date until such time as amended by majority vote of membership.


1.     Members are allowed to have up to six (6) guests in the club at any given time.

2.     Members are responsible for their guests – any damage resulting in financial loss to the club will be the responsibility of the member.

3.     Members should leave the club as they found it – clean and orderly.

4.     No personal property is to be stored in the clubroom – lockers are available.

 5.     At no time is any member or guest allowed to “Dispense” any alcoholic beverages to any other  member or guest – everyone should serve themselves.

Any violation of the above regulations may lead to forfeiture of club key if membership approves.


Access to  “Club 17” is a privilege of membership in Post 17 not a right!